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support for living authentically and bringing new meaning to life

Depth Psychology and Soul Work

Soul oriented psychotherapy may resonate with you if you have been exploring a self-reflective path and feel ready to take that next step towards claiming an authentic and purpose-driven life. 

Grace draws from the rich resources of Jungian, shamanic and Soulcraft traditions in her work with clients. Through soul-oriented psychotherapy you will have an opportunity to:

  • Participate in soulcraft exercises and guided imagery to access deeper levels of knowing

  • Become familiar with the stages of soul development and the soul tasks of each stage 

  • Embark on a Dream Work journey. Through dream work you will enrich your understanding of the messages that come from your psyche. Together we will honor the visions you have brought to consciousness and celebrate how dreams support your waking life

  • Become familiar with Eco-therapy. Discover how communication with the natural world, through imagination and guided soul tasks can help you tap into the mysteries of soul and psyche. Together we will gently address the sense of despair and alienation that is endemic to our present era and instead come to recognize the challenge and purpose this depth work can ignite in you.

  • Dive into Shadow work. Shadow work is for those who are seeking recognition and compassionate reintegration of those unconscious, uncomfortable and often embarrassing aspects of personality that sneak up on us from behind and create such havoc in our relationships, family and work. Through recognizing, unmasking, and assimilating Shadow you will grow in compassionate self-awareness – one that allows you to find the hidden resources in these dark shapes.

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