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Gain new strength, wisdom and ability to access your internal resources

Individual Psychotherapy

"Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes"~Carl Jung.

It is a courageous act to enter therapy and  I applaud your decision to begin this journey. Therapy has the goal of supporting people to become conscious of what gets in the way of living a satisfying and fulfilling life. As a psychodynamic therapist I can support you to slip down beneath the usual surface of your life to uncover old ways of being that are limiting you, assist you to share feelings that may have been neglected or buried and to help identify core beliefs that are no longer working for you. The outcome is a new awareness, self-compassion and ability to make conscious choices. Together we can transform old patterns so that you begin again to live from a place of authenticity, resourcefulness and self-acceptance.  Whether you are experiencing depression or anxiety, feeling overwhelmed with life, or questioning the meaning of it all, you will find a safe and welcoming ear in our sessions.  

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